Position: Coalition Coordinator for the Voting Rights Defense Coalition

Reports to: Emily Kirkland at Progress Arizona will serve as the immediate supervisor, with the understanding that the coalition coordinator is ultimately accountable to the full coordinating committee

Salary and Benefits: Salary depending on experience, with a likely range between $50-$55,000 annually, along with health insurance, paid vacation, sick and personal time, and 401k

How to Apply: Email with resume and cover letter 

Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis 

The Role: In this role, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the voting rights defense coalition functions smoothly day to day during the chaos of the Arizona legislative session. You’ll manage our internal systems, stay on top of details, connect people to one another, keep track of information, and generally keep things moving day to day. As capacity allows, you’ll also take initiative and help the coalition execute key tactics. And you’ll be part of overall decision-making and strategy, working alongside the coordinating committee and the coalition as a whole.  

Note that this is a year-round position; outside of legislative session, you will be responsible for debriefing and learning from the session and planning for the next session, as well as tackling other types of democracy defense work in close collaboration with many of the same partners who are active in the voting rights defense coalition. 

What You’ll Do:

  • Participate in coordinating committee meetings and coalition meetings, helping respond to breaking news and set strategy 
  • Be part of the facilitation team for coalition meetings, including serving as facilitator, note-taker, and/or tech manager depending on the meeting  
  • Keep our internal systems and resources up to date at all times (or as much as is possible), including: 
    • Running meeting notes
    • Bill trackers
    • Legislative factsheets
    • Tactics tracker 
    • Media hits tracker
    • Google Group
    • Survey for prospective coalition members
    • Coalition member list
    • Website with key actions for members of the public to take (continually updated in response to new developments)
  • Write and send a weekly email update to the coalition with key updates and action items
  • Participate in 1:1 calls with coalition members or prospective coalition members, answer questions from coalition members by email and text, and follow up with coalition members who volunteered to handle particular areas of work. Note that this will require excellent judgement and a strong sense of strategy – you’ll need to spot potentially important or powerful opportunities and respond accordingly, as well as identifying potential pitfalls or risks.
  • As capacity allows and depending on your interests and experience, help execute tactics for the coalition, including things like:
    • Analyzing the impact of specific bills
    • Organizing press conferences, lobby days, town halls, etc
    • Speaking to reporters, writing joint press statements and pitching to press
    • Testifying at hearings 
    • Organizing phone banks, textbanks, etc
    • Helping to develop fact sheets, talking points, and other materials 

What We’re Looking For:

  • Knows what to expect from the Arizona legislature, and is ready to meet the challenge: We are looking for someone who has been actively involved at the Arizona state legislature for at least one year, and ideally several — someone who knows just how chaotic and crazy things can get and who is excited to step up to the challenge. 
  • Skilled relationship builder: We need someone who can build and hold relationships with a wide range of people, and who can prioritize relationships even when things are super hectic.
  • Detail-oriented and extremely organized: We’re looking for someone who is really, really good at keeping track of details and keeping things organized and up to date. If you are obsessed with having very neat Google Folders, this might be an amazing role for you. 
  • Comfortable working with coalition and tackling advocacy work: Some prior experience (at least one year and ideally more) working with coalitions and with doing advocacy and policy work. 
  • Eager to learn about democracy defense and elections policy: Past experience with voting rights or democracy work is a big plus but not strictly required. However, if you have no prior experience with voting rights work, you’ll need to be someone who can learn quickly and independently, and you’ll need to be ready to spend significant time getting up to speed as soon as you start.
  • Values-aligned: We are looking for someone deeply committed to advancing social justice and racial equity. To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be aware of how racism, sexism, and other forms of bias and prejudice can show up in our movements. You’ll need to be committed to holding others and yourself accountable and be interested in constant learning, growth and self-reflection.