BLOG / March 20, 2023

Voter Privacy Violation Act

By TJ Hernandez


Sellout Sinema. In 2018, while serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, Sinema took over $100K from the big bank industry, including three maxed out contributions from Silicon Valley Bank contributors. In return, she then voted to rollback Dodd-Frank regulations that were enacted following the 2007 recession. Fast forward to 2023 — Silicon Valley Bank failed last week, prompting a federal bailout that leaves taxpayers on the hook. Read more about possible impacts of the bank’s failure on Arizona. 

Oppose HB2800Don’t miss this op-ed from Arizona educators, explaining why HB2800 does not solve the issues of low teacher pay in Arizona. Republican lawmakers have prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy over funding public education for years, and instead of working with educators to address the problem, they are pushing yet again pushing a bill that fails to adequately invest in Arizona children. 

Voter Privacy Violation Act. Republican lawmakers are pushing SB1324 and HB2560, two bills that would require Arizonans’ names, addresses, birth years, and ballot images be posted publicly online. Not only is this a clear invasion of privacy, but it’s dangerous – this information could be used to target and intimidate voters. Read more about the bills here.

Come behind the scenes of the press conference we co-hosted with partner organizations ahead of last week’s House Municipal Oversight and Elections Committee meeting.

ACE Advocacy Day.  Join Arizona Center for Empowerment for their People First Economy Advocacy Day 2023!