Voting Rights

The Arizona GOP are so threatened by progress, and so convinced they can not win fairly, that they’re now attacking our democracy itself.

Their lies about the 2020 election, attempts to overturn the results, and rhetoric that helped incite the attack on Capitol Hill, weren’t enough to change the truth: the American people voted their candidate out in a free and fair election.

Now, because they don’t like who Arizonans are voting for, they’re launching a set of direct attacks on Arizona voters — including bills to restrict or even eliminate voting by mail, gut the grassroots ballot initiative process, criminalize protest, and give the state legislature the power to override the voters’ choice in presidential elections.

Who are the Arizona legislators attacking your right to vote?

Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita – Scottsdale, AZ

Michelle Ugenti-Rita has been in the AZ State Legislature since 2011, and she joined the Senate in 2019. Ugenti-Rita represents LD-23 which includes North Scottsdale, Pinnacle Peak, and Fountain Hills. She has introduced multiple bills that would put obstacles in the way of eligible voters seeking to exercise their rights.

Rep. Kevin Payne – Peoria, AZ

Kevin Payne has been in the Arizona House of Representatives since 2017 representing LD-21, which includes Peoria, Sun City, and El Mirage. Rep. Payne has shared conspiracy theories about the 2020 election on his Twitter account and has proposed several bills this legislative session that would make it harder to vote.

Sen. Kelly Townsend – Mesa, AZ

Kelly Townsend has been in the Arizona State Legislature since 2013, and has now joined the Arizona Senate. Sen. Townsend represents LD-16 which includes East Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, North San Tan Valley and more. Townsend has made headlines for her role in leading the effort to overturn the results of the certified Arizona election, pushing Sharpiegate conspiracies, and for her extremist views. She is also co-chair of the Elections committee.

Rep. Shawnna Bolick – Peoria, AZ

Shawnna Bolick has been in the Arizona State Legislature since 2019. She represents LD-21 which includes Sun City, Peoria, El Mirage, and more. She has introduced a bill that would allow the legislature to override the will of voters and reject the results of a presidential election.

The attacks:

Lawmakers have introduced 30+ bills going after democratic norms and institutions, including bills that would restrict voting rights, undermine the grassroots ballot initiative process, criminalize protest, and even give the state legislature the power to override the will of voters and decide presidential elections.

Some of the bills that are currently moving through the legislative process, and that we’re tracking closely, include:

  • SB1485 (formerly SB1069) (Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita): would purge 100,000+ voters from the vote by mail list. SB1069 died on the Senate floor, but an identical bill was re-introduced as SB1485.
  • SB1593 (Senator David Gowan): would cut down the early voting period and require all ballots to be postmarked by the Thursday before Election Day – ballots without the postmark would not be counted, even if they arrived on time
  • HB2309 (Representative Bret Roberts): would criminalize protesters
  • SB1713 (Senator JD Mesnard): would require voters to submit a driver license or state ID number with their early ballot; voters who don’t have one would need to submit photocopies of multiple ID documents
  • HB2309 (Representative Bret Roberts): would criminalize protesters

How to fight back:

Our elected representatives should be making it easier to vote and to participate in democracy, not harder.