Legislative Session Resources

What is the Legislative Session you ask? Great question! The Legislative Session is when elected officials meet for a period of time to vote on legislation and on a range of policies that impact the lives of many Arizonans therefore it’s important to stay informed and up to date! Progress Arizona has made a list of few resources to help guide and educate you during the legislative session and important ways you can get involved.

How a Bill Becomes a Law 

The Arizona Legislature does not pass laws all year-round. It begins in January and last approximately 100 days until May or June. During the time of the Legislative Session, bills are introduced that are either signed into law or vetoed. Here are important key steps that take place during the process.

Find Your Lawmaker

Learning about your lawmakers is crucial since they’re the ones who make policy decisions surrounding the livelihoods of you and your loved ones. To find lawmakers who represent you, first input your address here to find your district and then go to Arizona State Legislature to find your representatives.

Capitol Watch on Youtube

Follow our Capitol Watch series on YouTube as we help keep Arizonans informed on everything happening at the Arizona Legislature.

How Did Your Legislator Score?

Use your address to search for your legislator to see their score. The Scorecard tool is designed to allow people like you across the state to see if their legislators stood up against special interests and corporations. Look to see how they did ranging from issues such as education, voting rights, ballot measures, taxes & finance, LGBTQ+ rights, criminal justice, labor, environmental issues and many more. You can sort legislators alphabetically, by score, by party or by district.

Watch the Legislative Session Live

Watch live proceedings of the Arizona legislative session. If you’d like to voice your concerns, you’re able to sign up for the Request to Speak (RTS) in committee here.