Last Week This Morning: A waste of $3M
September 27, 2021

  We won’t give up. Last week, the Senate Parliamentarian, an unelected advisor,issued an opinion that a pathway to citizenship shouldn’t be included in the Build Back Better reconc...

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Last Week This Morning: Strike at Sky Harbor
September 13, 2021

  House budget plan. Last Monday, the U.S. House unveiled their plan to pay for the Build Back Better Agenda. The package is widely popular with voters, and would make important invest...

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Last Week This Morning: What Texas means for AZ
September 6, 2021

  Abortion ban passes in Texas. Last week, a Texas law, SB8, went into effect that bans abortions past six weeks. It's now the most restrictive law in the country, and SB8 even goes as...

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Tell Senator Sinema to End the Filibuster

We can’t let an obscure and outdated Senate rule stand between us and the progress we need. Tell Senator Sinema to eliminate the filibuster so that Congress can pass popular, common-sense laws protecting our right to vote, safeguarding the rights of LGBTQ people, addressing immigration reform and more.

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Know Your Legislators

The Progress Score allows constituents to see if their legislators held their ground and prioritized the interests of everyday Arizonans against powerful special interests.

Capitol Watch

Check out our weekly video series, Capitol Watch, to stay up to date on all the latest developments during the Arizona legislative session!