Bill Banning Drag Advances
February 6, 2023

  SB1028 passes committee. Senate Republicans advanced a bill banning drag in public, ignoring testimony from community members on how the bill’s vague defini...

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AZGOP wants to bully trans students
January 22, 2023

  AZGOP aims to bully trans students. Republicans are continuing to waste time, prioritizing attacks on LGBTQ+ students instead of focusing on real issues, like funding e...

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Sinema’s Switch
December 12, 2022

  Sinema switches party affiliation. Kyrsten Sinema is no longer registered as a Democrat, officially changing her party registration to Independent. Of course, the idea ...

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Tell Senator Sinema to End the Filibuster

We can’t let an obscure and outdated Senate rule stand between us and the progress we need. Tell Senator Sinema to eliminate the filibuster so that Congress can pass popular, common-sense laws protecting our right to vote, safeguarding the rights of LGBTQ people, addressing immigration reform and more.

Legislative Session Resources

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