BLOG / November 20, 2022

Props 308 passed!

By TJ Hernandez


Arizona says no election deniers. Kari Lake and Blake Masters both lost their elections after voters all across the state rejected their hateful MAGA agendas. Katie Hobbes has won her election as the governor-elect, and Mark Kelly will continue representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate. It’s clear that Arizonans demand actual solutions from their elected leaders, not the division, conspiracy theories, and “unmitigated disaster” that is the Arizona Republican Party. 

Prop 308 passed! Arizona voters passed Prop 308, which will ensure that all students who graduate from an Arizona high school are eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of immigration status. This is a huge win for undocumented students after 16 years of struggle. A special thank you to all of the community members and partner organizations who made this victory possible!

Prop 309 stopped! Arizona voters rejected Prop 309, which was an attempt to impose stricter voting restrictions on the vote-by-mail process. These restrictions would have primarily impacted already marginalized communities, making it harder for working families and individuals to vote. But Arizona voters saw through this attempt to attack our voting rights with unnecessary restrictions. Our election processes are safe, secure, and fair!Z

“I’ll burn Arizona to the ground”. Watch SNL’s dead-on spoof of Kari Lake, post-election. 

Don’t spread misinformation! Arizona’s election process takes time, just as it always has. 

We’re all on stolen land. 
Remember the history of Thanksgiving and learn about the indigenous roots of where you live.