Welcome to the Progress Arizona Megaphone community: a campaign to build community, combat disinformation, and amplify our shared values. 

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The Arizona Megaphone was created to build community for progressives online. People are already getting their news and information from social media through trusted friends, family, and influencers — the Progress Arizona Megaphone will help us ensure those trusted messengers have easy access to content their communities care about. If you are a progressive in Arizona and have an online presence, there is a role for you here.

Megaphone is an app created specifically to empower community members to be more effective online messengers. It is best described as a library of post suggestions, with captions and graphics for a range of issues and values.

 You can scroll through and find anything from a quote graphic about voting rights in Arizona to a meme about protecting our abortion access AND captions to go with it — this can be shared directly to your social media from the app. To set up an account, fill out the interest form. You can download the app on your iOS device here or search Our Megaphone on the app store.

There’s a lot happening, and we want to help keep you in the loop. Every week we send out a newsletter with important information for volunteers and social media content suggestions. You can get these in your inbox every week by subscribing here.

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