Last Week This Morning: ASU club raises $ for Kenosha shooter
August 30, 2020

GOP support for right-wing violence. As political violence escalates across the US, Republicans in the Arizona state legislature continue to support militia groups and righ...

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The Terrifying Connections Between Arizona GOP Legislators & Right-Wing Militias
August 28, 2020

The support from Arizona Republican legislators for extremist, right wing violence is horrifying. If you live in Surprise, Sun City or Peoria, you're represented in the state legislature by David...

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Last Week This Morning: Martha McSally wants you to skip lunch
August 23, 2020

Where the ballot measures stand. Invest in Ed and marijuana legalization will be on the November ballot, while initiatives related to healthcare and sentencing reform will not.&...

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Protect Our Elections: Support Expanded Vote by Mail

Arizona lawmakers need to act now to protect our democracy! There’s no reason to ask people to choose between their health and their fundamental right to vote.

Know Your Legislators

The Progress Score allows constituents to see if their legislators held their ground and prioritized the interests of everyday Arizonans against powerful special interests.

How Our State Legislature Set Us Up for Crisis

Conservative state legislators put politics over people for decades. We examine all the ways that Arizonans are now paying the price.