Last Week This Morning: Sinema’s flawed case
April 12, 2021

Gun violence epidemic. On Thursday, the Biden Administration unveiled a slate of common sense gun control measures aimed at reducing gun violence. The actions come in the wake of m...

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Sinema Unpopular in AZ After Filibuster Stance
March 31, 2021

Arizonans are growing tired of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s excuses. For the past couple of months, Senator Sinema has been a vocal supporter of the filibuster, an arcane procedural rule in the Senate tha...

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Letters to Farmers’ Insurance, Allstate, CVS and Enterprise
March 31, 2021

Earlier today, more than 30 Arizona voting rights organizations and community groups released a letter to Allstate Insurance, CVS Health, Enterprise Holdings, and Farmers’ Insurance, asking them to...

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Protect Our Elections: Tell Your Legislators to Vote No on Voter Suppression Bills

Arizona lawmakers need to act now to protect our democracy! Tell your state legislators to vote no on SB1713, SB1485, SB1593 and all bills going after our democracy and our right to vote.

Know Your Legislators

The Progress Score allows constituents to see if their legislators held their ground and prioritized the interests of everyday Arizonans against powerful special interests.

How Our State Legislature Set Us Up for Crisis

Conservative state legislators put politics over people for decades. We examine all the ways that Arizonans are now paying the price.