Last Week This Morning: Could MAGA get any worse? 🙅
September 5, 2022

  Horne won’t protect Arizona kids. The Republican candidate for state superintendent, Tom Horne, has received intense public backlash for his association with disgraced former law...

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Last Week This Morning: Biden acts on student loan debt
August 29, 2022

  Student loan debt plan. President Biden announced his plan to deal with the student loan debt crisis. Those who make under 125K per year and received Pell Grants to go to college wil...

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Last Week This Morning: 133 days till Ducey leaves office
August 22, 2022

  Ducey’s "wall" toppled. Gov. Doug Ducey decided to pull a political stunt at the U.S.-Mexico border. Ducey spent six million taxpayer dollars constructing shipping containers to ...

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Tell Senator Sinema to End the Filibuster

We can’t let an obscure and outdated Senate rule stand between us and the progress we need. Tell Senator Sinema to eliminate the filibuster so that Congress can pass popular, common-sense laws protecting our right to vote, safeguarding the rights of LGBTQ people, addressing immigration reform and more.

Know Your Legislators

The Progress Score allows constituents to see if their legislators held their ground and prioritized the interests of everyday Arizonans against powerful special interests.

Legislative Session Resources

The Legislative Session is when elected officials meet for a period of time to vote on legislation and on a range of policies that impact the lives of many Arizonans therefore it’s important to stay informed and up to date! Progress Arizona has made a list of few resources to help guide and educate you during the legislative session and important ways you can get involved.