BLOG / March 8, 2020

A Week That Felt Like a Year

By admin

 Elizabeth Warren Exits the Race. Monica Hesse speaks to the heart-brokenness felt by Warren’s supporters

An Act of Pure Hate. A white supremacist unfurled a Nazi flag and shouted anti-Semitic slurs at Bernie Sanders’ rally in Phoenix this week. 

Stay Safe, Folks. Coronavirus is continuing to spread, with several new cases confirmed in Arizona. Here’s what to do if you have symptoms. 

“The Status Quo Is Not Working”. Making the case for Bernie Sanders

“If We Don’t Count Everyone, We Might Make the World Too Small.” Take a minute for these brilliant kids reminding you why it’s important to fill out the Census. 

Vote, No Matter What. Early voting has started for the March 17 Presidential Primary. Use our new polling place locator to find an early vote option near you. If you got a mail-in ballot, make sure to send it by March 11!  

Join us for Palo Bloom Festival! Live music, delicious food, art, and a beer garden, plus opportunities to get involved with local community organizations. What’s not to love?

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