BLOG / September 25, 2022

Abortion access in Arizona

By TJ Hernandez


Arizona Near Total Abortion Ban. On Friday evening, one Pima County Superior Court judge lifted an injunction on abortion, and allowed the pre-statehood abortion ban to become law. The Pima County judge ruled that this draconian law would take place instead of the 15-week ban that was originally supposed to take effect on Saturday. An abortion ban from the Civil War Era, before Arizona was even a state, has now jeopardized the lives of millions of people across the state. 

Voucher Fight Round 2! In more optimistic news, Save Our Schools Arizona submitted over 141,000 signatures to bring the voucher fight back to the voters. In just 80 days, Save Our Schools Arizona was able to successfully collect more than the signatures needed in order to block the voucher expansion that was originally supposed to take effect this month. If all goes well, this would bring the issue to the voters in 2024, setting up a challenge similar to that of Prop 305 in 2018. 

Kari Lake Can’t Read. In an embarrassing attempt to “expose” Gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake ended up exposing her inability to read proposed bills. This attempt to paint Hobbs as anti-American ended up backfiring completely, because Kari Lake revealed to millions of Arizonans that she doesn’t understand that blue text in a bill is what is essentially being voted on. An incredibly cringe moment coming from someone seeking the highest civic office in Arizona.  

Maricopa County Attorney Candidate Julie Gunnigle breaks down the implications of the Pima County Superior Court abortion ruling, and what is at stake with the near-total abortion ban now in place.  


Donate to abortion fundsto help people travel to seek abortion care, now that Arizona has banned almost all abortions. 

Visit NoBansAZ.Com for more information on the re-instated Arizona abortion ban, and for resources for those seeking abortion care. 


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