BLOG / November 7, 2021

Bridges and Roads, Childcare and Pre-K: What’s Up with BIF & BBB?

By Emily Kirkland

As you’ve probably heard, the bipartisan infrastructure deal has passed and will soon be law. It provides hundreds of millions of dollars to:

🛣️ repair bridges & roads
🚆 build out rail networks
🔌 modernize the electric grid
🚰 replace lead pipes
💻 and expand broadband.

But Build Back Better (aka the reconciliation bill) is still awaiting votes in the House and the Senate. You’ve probably heard about that one too – that’s the bill that will:

💊  ⚕️ lower the cost of healthcare & prescription drugs
👶 create universal pre-K & lower the cost of childcare
☀️ 🌱 build out clean energy and get us much of the way to our climate goals

There are active negotiations underway about whether or not Build Back Better will include paid family and medical leave, the expansion of Medicare to cover hearing (and perhaps vision and dental), and immigration provisions.

President Biden and Democratic leaders have promised that Build Back Better will pass in the next few weeks. We absolutely have to hold them to those promises, and keep demanding that they deliver.

As a start, please join us, LUCHA, and many other partners on Wednesday at 4 pm at the Arizona State Capitol as we come together to create community, remember what we’re fighting for and tell our politicians that it’s time to start working for us, not big money. Get all the details here!