BLOG / September 12, 2022

Celebrating wins for Arizonans 🎉

By TJ Hernandez


Anti-voter bill put on hold. On Thursday, a federal judge halted the enforcement of a voter suppression law passed by Arizona Republicans. This was just one of over 100 anti-voter bills introduced last legislative session, all part of the GOP’s effort to subvert our elections systems after Trump lost in 2020. The law could have purged thousands of voters from the rolls, primarily targeting people of color and immigrants, just before the start of early voting in October. It is now on hold until 2023. Shout out to the Arizona Asian American Native Hawaiian And Pacific Islander For Equity Coalition for their work to block this horrible law! 

Filming law enforcement protected, for now. Last week, a federal judge blocked the enforcement of a new law passed by Republicans that would restrict how the public and journalists can film police. The law would have made it illegal to knowingly film police officers from 8 feet or closer, making it much more difficult to hold police accountable. The ACLU and media organizations sued on the grounds that the law violates the First Amendment of the Constitution, and the law is now on hold. Phoenix PD has been investigated in recent years for its use of force, “discriminatory policing” and for targeting and working with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to falsely charge protestors. Footage of police encounters captured by bystanders has had significant impacts in making police misconduct public, and this right must be protected.

ICYMI: The Arizona Supreme Court silenced voters, blocking a critical ballot measure that would have made voting more accessible for Arizonans. Organizers collected about 475,000 signatures for the Arizona Free and Fair Elections Act, double the required amount, yet the Ducey-stacked court voided over 280,000 of them. If the ballot measure had passed, it would have established same-day voter registration, as well as established protections for our elections in light of attacks by Republicans, preventing them from running partisan audits, restoring the permanent early voting list, and prohibiting the state Legislature from overturning federal election results.

Blake Masters scrubs his website in a desperate attempt to lie about his MAGA agenda and get elected. But we have the receipts.  


Stop voucher expansion. Republicans in the Arizona Legislature passed universal ESA vouchers, which will drain funding from education, defying the will of voters who previously voted to reject voucher expansion in 2018. Sign the petition to put this law on hold until the 2024 election, when voters can reject this policy again via ballot referendum.

Phochella is a community arts and culture music festival, focused on joy, activating youth of color, and celebrating the power of the vote. Join us and Fuerte Arts Movement, One Arizona, and Arizona AANHPI for Equity on September 24th, from 4:30 pm to midnight at Rancho Ochoa in Laveen! 

Register to vote! November is coming up quickly and we have a slate of horrible MAGA candidates to vote against. Make sure you’re registered!


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