BLOG / October 28, 2021

Fair Maps & Cute Animals

By Emily Kirkland

Arizona’s independent redistricting commission is voting on draft district maps right now.

These maps determine which district you’ll live in and who is likely to represent you in Congress & the state capitol. It’s a big deal!

Here’s what’s happening and what you need to do next.

But first – a cute puppy photo for you!

It’s easy for these maps to be drawn in unfair ways that take away the voice of communities of color, or make it nearly impossible for people to elect someone who truly represents them. We can’t let that happen.

After today’s vote, the commission will hold a series of hearings across Arizona before finalizing the maps. We need as many people as possible to speak up at those hearings and demand #FairMaps. Sign up here and we’ll send you the info you need.

We also need the hearings to be more accessible! The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission needs to:
-Live-stream all meetings on YouTube
-Provide translation at hearings
-Holding hearings outside of weekday workhours
-Hold hearings in Avondale, Maryvale, S. Phoenix and outside Maricopa County

Submit a public comment using this form and ask them to make these changes.

And that’s it! Redistricting can be a daunting topic, but at the end of the day, it’s about making sure that we are able to elect people who really represent us, and who will fight for the things we need, from good schools to healthcare to jobs and beyond.

Here’s a kit fox photo – you made it!


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