BLOG / September 1, 2021

Last Week This Morning: 1M cases

By TJ Hernandez


1M cases. Over one million total COVID-19 cases have now been reported in Arizona, yet Gov. Doug Ducey continues to make things worse, blocking mask and vaccine mandates in order to score political points. If Arizona had proper leadership and higher vaccination rates, this could have been preventable. Don’t miss this perspective from an Arizona nurse who has worked through the last eighteen months of the pandemic. 

House update. The U.S. House of Representatives advanced the budget resolution blueprint last week–moving the Build Back Better Plan forward. The package is a critical step in the right direction, and would expand the social safety net and invest in clean energy by making the ultra wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in taxes, without raising taxes on anyone making under $400K. Notably, a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants was also included in the resolution—this would be a historic win, and must be included in the final package. The House also passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act last week, an important bill that faces a near impossible path in the Senate, due to Sinema’s refusal to eliminate the filibuster.

Drought. Arizona faces water cuts after the first ever water shortage was declared on the Colorado River, following over twenty years of drought. Water levels at Lake Powell and Lake Mead are also at record lows, as the impacts of the climate crisis become ever more apparent. This reality highlights the need for Senators Kelly and Sinema to support the $3.5T budget resolution, which would be a step in the right direction to invest in clean energy.

Ady Barkan calls on Sinema and Kelly. Healthcare activist Ady Barkan, who is paralyzed and on a ventilator full-time due to Lou Gehrig’s disease, is asking Senators Sinema and Kelly to support expanding home care by passing the $3.5T Build Back Better Plan. 

Progress scores. Our 2021 Progress Scorecard was released last week! Use our tool to find out where your legislator ranks, based on voting records on over 130 priority bills in the Arizona Legislature last session. 

We are home. On Tuesday at 5pm, join Care in Action, Rep. Raquel Terán, and other guest speakers for a virtual discussion on immigration reform and relief programs. Register here.


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