BLOG / August 22, 2022

133 days till Ducey leaves office

By TJ Hernandez


Ducey’s “wall” toppled. Gov. Doug Ducey decided to pull a political stunt at the U.S.-Mexico border. Ducey spent six million taxpayer dollars constructing shipping containers to close a 1000-foot gap in Trump’s border wall. The installment was delayed after two of the shipping containers somehow toppled over last Sunday night. Like the rest of the Republican Party, Ducey is continuing to push fear-mongering rhetoric and xenophobic immigration policies to distract from an agenda that does not prioritize Arizona working families. 

Water shortages continue. Arizona will face another round of cuts to our water supply due to dangerously low levels at the Colorado River. Water levels at Lake Mead also hit historically low levels in June. This water supply crisis is due to a 23-year drought that has been negatively impacted by the effects of climate change and mismanagement of the state’s resources. Gov. Ducey is clearly taking the issue seriously, pushing a water plan that has allowed a Saudi company to pump groundwater for free in La Paz County. Water is likely to remain a key election issue to watch moving towards the general election in November. 

Ducey endorses Lake, Lake endorses anti-Semite. Last week, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake threw her support behind a state Senate candidate in Oklahoma who has routinely used hate speech and anti-Semitic language. This move is in line with the rest of her campaign – she regularly promotes conspiracy theories and white nationalist rhetoric. Lake was endorsed by Gov. Doug Ducey following her win in the Republican primary, but it’s unlikely this will affect his support at all. Ducey spent $500K electing state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who has allied herself with Holocaust deniers, saying she’s “better than a Democrat.” Ducey’s main priority is electing Republicans to office, no matter how dangerous they are for Arizona.

MAGA Republicans have a meltdown. Don’t miss our reaction to the full on freakout that MAGA Republicans in Arizona had after the FBI lawfully executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in search of classified documents.  


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