BLOG / September 6, 2020

Last Week This Morning: $240 a Week Isn’t Enough

By Emily Kirkland

$240 a week isn’t enough. Federal unemployment benefits were extended through a Trump executive order, but they’re about to run out again. When they do, many Arizona families will be left trying to make ends meet on inadequate state benefits of $240 a week or less. 

APS should forget the debt! Between the pandemic, the economic crisis and the record-topping heat, many APS customers are behind on their bills. Chispa and other community groups are calling on the company to forgive the debt. APS could forgive all $30 million in unpaid bills and still turn a huge profit this year! 

Máxima’s story. Máxima Guerrero has been organizing for change in Phoenix for more than a decade. She helped get Sheriff Arpaio out of office—only to be detained and nearly deported by Sheriff Penzone.

Trump thinks Americans who died in war are “losers.” This article from The Atlantic has been all over social media and TV for a reason: it’s a must read.

LUCHA hits the streets. LUCHA marched through neighborhoods in Phoenix and Tucson yesterday to launch their door-knocking and get out the vote efforts as part of the Mi AZ coalition’s March to One Million voters. Check out their launch livestream!

Register people to vote. Volunteer with One Arizona in the final weeks before the October 5 deadline! 

Become a poll worker. Defend democracy, help others in your community and get paid! Sign up today to be a poll worker this fall. 


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