BLOG / September 27, 2021

Last Week This Morning: A waste of $3M

By TJ Hernandez


We won’t give up. Last week, the Senate Parliamentarian, an unelected advisor,issued an opinion that a pathway to citizenship shouldn’t be included in the Build Back Better reconciliation bill. Advocates are rightfully pushing back, demanding that Democrats deliver on their promises to protect millions of undocumented people in the United States. They can do this by firing or ignoring the parliamentarian, or ending the filibuster. According to a new poll, Arizona voters care more about providing a pathway to citizenship than making sure Republicans are on board. There are absolutely no excuses for Arizona’s Senators not to do whatever it takes to get this done. 

A fraudit and a scam. The sham ballot review has concluded that President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Arizona. The so-called audit was conducted by hyper partisan actors who wasted $3 million of taxpayer money on the audit in order to fundraise for their campaigns and spread more lies about the 2020 election. This “review” was part of the coordinated nationwide effort to attack our freedom to vote and sabotage future elections. Numerous anti-voter bills were introduced in the 2021 legislative session, and are expected in 2022, highlighting even further the need to pass national voting rights standards.  

Ducey getting kids sick. Researchers have found that Doug Ducey’s reckless response to COVID-19 is causing children to get sick and miss school. Ducey has banned mask mandates in public schools and universities in an effort to win political points with extremist Republicans. Data now shows that schools without mask mandates were 350% more likely to have a COVID-19 outbreak than those with a mask requirement.

Five things to know about Sinema. Check out this clip from The Onion with five important facts about Arizona’s infamous Senator.  

Defend reproductive rights. Join Women’s March on Saturday, October 2nd, to mobilize in support of abortion access ahead of the Supreme Court’s reconvening. 


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