BLOG / August 8, 2022

AZGOP goes full MAGA

By TJ Hernandez


AZGOP goes MAGA. The results from Tuesday’s primary election are in. MAGA candidates swept the Republican election, nominating Kari Lake for Governor, Mark Finchem for Secretary of State, Abe Hamadeh for Attorney General, Kimberly Yee for Treasurer, Tom Horne for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Blake Masters for Senate. This Republican slate consists of candidates who are largely running on election denialist, anti-abortion, white supremacist platforms, and touting their Trump endorsements at every opportunity. While these candidates are extremist and dangerous for Arizona, their failure to represent the values of most Arizonans, instead opting to focus on 2020 election conspiracy theories, means that Democrats could have a clearer path to victory in November. 

Dem primary. As for the Democratic primary, Dems nominated Katie Hobbs for Governor, Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State, Kris Mayes for Attorney General, Martin Quezada for Treasurer, Kathy Hoffman for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and of course, Sen. Mark Kelly for reelection. A bold and progressive community leader and one of Progress Arizona’s first ever endorsees, Anna Hernandez, won her race to represent Maryvale and Glendale in the Arizona Senate, unseating an opponent with deep ties to powerful corporations. We believe she will be a strong champion for her community and wish her luck in November. 

Sinema’s one request. On Thursday, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema finally gave her approval on the Inflation Reduction Act, the climate and tax deal that Senate Democrats are attempting to pass before the August recess. Sinema’s support was critical, and for that reason she had a lot of sway over the contents of the final bill. In true Sinema fashion, instead of negotiating for literally anything to benefit Arizonans, Sinema asked for a tax break for hedge funds and private equity firms. According to Schumer, removal of a provision that would increase taxes on this already wealthy group of individuals was the one key component to get Sinema’s support.

A very deep lake. Don’t miss this TikTok from the Maricopa County Democratic Party, explaining what a dangerous candidate Kari Lake is.  


Check the full results of Tuesday’s primary election. Know who will be on the ballot in November statewide and locally!