BLOG / December 6, 2021

Last Week This Morning: Build Back Quicker, Please

By TJ Hernandez


Build Back Quicker. The Senate is still working on their version of Build Back Better, which could be pushed to 2022 despite growing economic anxieties for working families. Senators Sinema and Manchin have both made comments that they don’t believe it will pass before Christmas, and Sinema recently evaded an interview question on whether or not she will vote for the bill. Immigration, the SALT break, and paid family leave continue to be points of contention. 

What to know about Roe. Last week, the Supreme Court began hearing a Mississippi case that would ban abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy. If the Court upholds the ban, this would create a precedent allowing additional abortion cut-off laws around the country, resulting in devastating effects on Roe v. Wade. Arizona already has a law on the books that would ban abortion at 15 weeks if Roe were overturned. The Court could also side against this law, and Congress has the power to pass an abortion rights bill.

AZ decides 2024? Don’t miss this article that breaks down why redistricting in Arizona is so important. This process will have critical effects on the 2024 election as Republicans continue their efforts to instill minority rule. 

No one tells Sinema what to do. Or so she says. We react to a recent interview Senator Sinema gave about her positions on the filibuster and Build Back Better. 

Tax the wealthy. Let your Senators know that you support taxing the wealthy and corporations as part of the Build Back Better Plan. 


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