BLOG / January 31, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Cut the crap

By TJ Hernandez


The GOP delusion is dangerous. Some members of the AZ GOP continue to operate under belief in the Big Lie—like AZ state senator Wendy Rogers. Republicans in the Legislature are now continuing their anti-voter attackswith a new slate of laws based on Trump’s baseless lies about the 2020 election. Of course, many of these bills could have been prevented had Democrats been able to pass national voting rights legislation in the U.S. Senate, but if legislators like John Fillmore have their way, we would return to pre-civil rights era voting standards. 

Banning books instead of funding schools. Also at the Legislature, the GOP is fanning the flames of the culture wars, proposing legislation that would abolish any safe sexual education course, and even going as far as to ban any literature with even remotely sexual undertones—Shakespeare and Catcher in the Rye included. Meanwhile, AZ public schools are facing massive funding cuts that threaten staffing and other student resources unless the Legislature acts to prevent closures.   

“I’ve Experienced Nothing But Hell”. The already poor environment inside Maricopa County jails has greatly deteriorated as a result of the handling of COVID-19.Due to understaffing and COVID protocols, unsanitary and inhumane conditions have grown even worse, with incarcerated individuals being unable to access even basic medical care when needed, amid a pandemic. 

Breyer to retire. U.S. Supreme Court justice plans to retire this year. This will open up the first vacancy for President Biden to fill on the highest court. 

Maddow reports on Brnovich. Rachel Maddow breaks down Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s failure to investigate the fake electors scandal after it was referred to him by Secretary of State Katie Hobbes. 

Cut the Crap. The #AZLEG has until March 1st to raise the spending cap that has limited Arizona education funds since the 1980’s. Failure to do so this year can result in school closures across the state, and educator layoffs. This will disproportionately impact BIPOC communities, especially those in rural Arizona. Contact your lawmaker and demand they raise the funding cap!


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