BLOG / March 22, 2020

Last Week This Morning: Deep Breaths

By admin

“Soap At No Cost”. The steps being taken inside Arizona’s prisons are deeply inadequate. California is letting people go—why aren’t we?

 Tell the Truth. The lessons of the 1918 pandemic. 

This Is a Crisis—Act Like It. Republicans in the Arizona House are refusing to pass $55 million in emergency relief for Arizona families. Some of them seem to think this whole situation is a big joke.

Not Up to It. Trump’s incompetence and ego has led to severe shortages of tests, confusing and conflicting messages to the public, and a lack of protective equipment. 


Speak Up. Tell Governor Ducey and the Arizona legislature to expand unemployment benefits and housing and food assistance, and tell Ducey and the Arizona Department of Corrections to halt prison admissions and start letting people out where medically necessary. 

Help Out. Food banks are desperate for volunteers. Check out our guide to helping out.

Give Blood. Canceled blood drives have led to a nationwide shortage. Make an appointment to give blood today.

Stay Home! Seriously. As much as you can, stay home!  

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