BLOG / January 24, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Sinema blocks voting rights

By TJ Hernandez


Sinema blocks voting rights legislation. On Wednesday, Senator Kyrsten Sinema allowed the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act to fail in the Senate, after she refused to change Senate rules to avert a filibuster by Republicans. Backlash was swift, as groups pulled support from Sinema in response, and on Saturday the Arizona Democratic Party voted to formally censure her. This legislation was an urgent priority as radical factions have been attacking democracy and voters, working to take control and instill minority rule. 

Funding cuts. Republican legislators in Arizona are again focused on demonizing trans kids rather than addressing the teacher retention and recruitment crisis. Public schools are also facing a funding crisis due to AZ GOP legislators’ failure to increase the funding cap in order to keep Arizona public schools open. Gov. Doug Ducey failed to mention this during his state of the state address, yet expects public schools to somehow remain open amid the pandemic.  

Sinema gets credit from Republicans. Republicans in the Senate lined up to shake Sinema’s hand after she blocked voting rights legislation on Wednesday evening

Sign up for request to speak. Though we are unable to participate remotely in the Legislature this session, Civic Engagement Beyond Voting can help us make our voices heard at the Capitol by creating Request to Speak profiles for community members who want to share their opinions on legislation before it is voted on.


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