BLOG / April 4, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Ducey Approves Attacks

By TJ Hernandez


Ducey approves attacks on our rights. Gov. Doug Ducey refused to veto four bigoted and extreme bills passed by Republicans in the Arizona Legislature. The bills he signed include an attack on Trans youth in sports & gender-affirming surgery, a ban on abortion at 15-weeks, and an unconstitutional voting bill that purges hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters from the rolls. These bills will be challenged in the courts, meaning Arizona taxpayers will foot the bill so that Ducey can pander to right wing extremists before he pursues another office following the end of his term as governor. 

Senators weigh in on Supreme Court nominee. The nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court continued to move forward last week, with a confirmation vote anticipated in the Senate this coming Thursday or Friday. She is expected to be confirmed, though along mostly partisan lines. Here’s what to expect.

Sinema and Kelly vote down Biden labor nominee. Senators Sinema and Kelly joined with Republicans in the U.S. Senate to reject Pres. Biden’s nomination of David Weil for wage and labor standards enforcer. Weil has been vocal about giving more protections to gig workers, which would put more responsibility on employers. The result is a win for corporate America.  

The quiet part. Watch this clip of Sen. Kelly Townsend explicitly saying that she and other Republicans in the Legislature are working to suppress the vote. 


Public school proud phonebank. Republicans in the Arizona Legislature are still attacking public schools in our state.Join Save Our Schools Arizona in reaching out to Arizonans about how important public schools are. 


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