BLOG / May 2, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Ducey can’t condemn anti-semitism

By TJ Hernandez


Three stooges. Last week it was reported that Rep. Debbie Lesko attended a 2020 meeting with Trump staff regarding efforts to overturn the election. Also in attendance were Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. Biggs was crucial early on in efforts to overturn the election – it was his idea for states controlled by Republican legislatures to send slates of phony electors to the U.S. Capitol to certify false results that Trump won those states. Gosar also supported these efforts, and regularly makes the news for spreading anti-semitic, white supremacist propaganda. 

Ducey condemns anti-semitism? Which doesn’t make much sense, considering his support for AZ state Sen. Wendy Rogers. On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Ducey condemned the record number of anti-semitic incidences in Arizona recently. Yet, Ducey spent hundreds of thousands to elect Rogers, the Arizona Legislature’s “resident antisemite”, who regularly spews hate and conspiracy theories. Ducey clearly doesn’t mind anti-semitism, as long as it gives him a Republican majority in the Arizona Legislature – he defended his support of Rogers as recently as February, right after she gave a speech at a white nationalist conference. 

The GOP’s priorities. GOP legislators are fighting over the next budget, but they’re still making time to push yet another slate of anti-voter bills. HB2236 would prohibit government employees from asking citizens if they want to register to vote. HB2617 changes the process that county recorders use to cancel voter registrations, which would result in voters being purged from the rolls. HB2602 blocks the creation of emergency early vote centers, which voters use the weekend before the election in case they have an emergency and cannot vote on Election Day. Clearly, the GOP has their priorities in order – attack democracy and ignore the needs of Arizonans. 

 Carla. Next up in our storytelling series, we have Carla, mother of a trans teen. She talks about how her child’s mental and physical health improved vastly once she was on gender-affirming medication and treatment. 


Virtual town hall. GOP legislators are chipping away at our freedom to vote. Join our virtual town hall Monday, March 25 and learn the impacts of these bills on you as a voter and how you can get involved to help protect voting rights.