BLOG / November 24, 2019

Last Week This Morning: Humanitarian Aid Is Not a Crime

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Last Week, This Morning: Humanitarian Aid Is Never a Crime

November 24, 2019

Humanitarian Aid Is Not a Crime. On Monday, a jury confirmed that Scott Warren did not commit any crime when he offered food, water and a place to sleep to two migrants from Central America.

Mourning Trans Women of Color Lost This Year. November 20th was Trans Day of Remembrance, and Out Magazine wrote obituaries for some of the trans women of color lost to violence in 2019. Take time to read, reflect and honor their lives.

Who’s ALEC? The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, has its annual meeting in Scottsdale this year from December 4th to 6th. Puente organizer Maria Castro breaks down who ALEC is, what they’ve done and why we need to speak out. 

What If APS Didn’t Elect Its Own Regulators? APS has a new CEO. Sign the welcome letter asking him to swear off political spending. 

Shut Them Down! Join the protest outside ALEC’s annual meeting on Wednesday, December 4th.

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