BLOG / August 22, 2021

Last Week This Morning: Hunger Games – Arizona Edition

By TJ Hernandez


Ducey’s war on children continues. As school districts across the state continue to defy the law banning mask mandates, Ducey has decided to deny schools federal COVID-19 relief money if they require masking once the law goes into effect. Ducey’s horrific move to dangle much needed funding that he has until this point, sat on, has received widespread condemnation. The Biden Administration has announced plans to take back these funds from states where governors are endangering students’ lives by banning mask mandates amid the exponential surgein pediatric cases. 

Prop 208 in danger. The Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling that lays the groundwork for a repeal of the voter approved 3.5% tax increase on Arizona’s highest earners, earmarked for education funding. The lawsuit was brought by Republican Senate President Karen Fann. Since the Arizona Constitution restricts what amount can be spent on teachers and school operations, it is likely the new tax will exceed these limits. The Court has referred the lawsuit back to trial court to determine whether it will go beyond limits, and if so the ballot measure would be unable to direct this money to public schools.

“Audit” results incoming. An Arizona appeals court ordered the release of the report from the sham audit of the 2020 election conducted by the partisan and unqualified cyber ninjas. Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbes and Republican Maricopa County Supervisor Stephen Richer have both criticized the upcoming report, which is set to be released this week.

Afghanistan. Arizona elected representatives react to the crisis in Afghanistan, which has rapidly deteriorated after the Taliban took over the city of Kabul and much of the countryside, following withdrawal of U.S. troops after a 20-year occupation in accordance with a Trump-Taliban peace deal. Pres. Biden has defended his decision to bring troops home, saying there is “never a good time” to pull out of war, though the Taliban take over happened more quickly than expected. As concern for the women and girls of Afghanistan under Taliban rule grows, Biden also affirmed he is committed to help as many women and girls attempt to exit the country as possible, though acknowledged that invasion is not the way to solve women’s rights issues. Scenes from the airport in Kabul are truly horrific as families attempt to flee–it’s critical that the U.S. lives up to this commitment and moves hastily to help resettle Afghan refugees in the U.S., without waiting for other countries to step up. Many governors, including Ducey, have said they will welcome Afghan refugees into their states.

Not a moderate. Check out our latest video on why we need to stop referring to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as a “moderate” Democrat.

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Path to citizenship. Phonebank with LUCHA and United We Dream in support of a path to citizenship in the reconciliation package.