BLOG / March 21, 2022

Last Week This Morning: “I love Andy Biggs”

By TJ Hernandez


The real Sinema. A new book details comments Senator Kyrsten Sinema made at a closed-door fundraiser attended by Republican lobbyists. She reportedly mocked Pres. Biden, praised Rep. Andy Biggs, and portrayed herself as “anti-tax” and “anti-government”. The Arizona Coalition to End the Filibuster is continuing to put the pressure on Sinema and those still supporting her–an open letter to the Human Rights Campaign was released by Arizona LGBTQ+ advocates and national allies, calling on them to withhold financial support to her until she reverses on the filibuster. 

Rent is skyrocketing. The housing crisis is continuing to worsen in Arizona. Metro Phoenix residents are experiencingdevastating rent hikes as investors buy up houses and demand is higher than supply. Yet, instead of working to improve the livelihoods of Arizonans, Republicans are attacking LGBTQ+ communities and our right to vote. 

“I love Andy Biggs”. Catch our reaction to Sinema’s praise for one of the worst representatives in Congress, Andy Biggs.

Stop attacks on voting rights. The Arizona GOP has been relentless in their attacks on our right to vote, pushing bill after bill to make access to the ballot harder. Tell them Arizonans don’t support these attacks!

Drop Adel. Tell the AZ Bar Association that Adel needs to be disbarred for her lies, political prosecutions, and corruption. Join Mass Liberation Arizona’s White Women vs Adel calls on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


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