BLOG / June 19, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Kari Lake the hypocrite

By TJ Hernandez


Jan. 6th hearings. Don’t miss recaps from day 2 and day 3of the January 6th committee public hearings. Key members of the AZ GOP have been implicated in attempting to overturn the 2020 election and the planning that led to the attack on Jan. 6th – it’s crucial that Arizonans pay attention. 

Housing and education. The Arizona Legislature is still working to pull together a budget – the state has a historic surplus of over $5B that can be spent this year. While Ducey and Republicans are looking at funding more tax cuts, roads, and a questionable water desalination plan among other items, lawmakers should do the right thing and use these funds on affordable housing and education. After passing a budget last year that was essentially a giveaway to the wealthy, Arizonans need the Legislature to address the issues affecting our everyday lives. 

Kari Lake is a hypocrite. Shocker. Kari Lake made a statement last week targeting family friendly drag shows, which the GOP has been attacking as part of their agenda to dismantle LGBTQ+ rights and further the conservative culture war. But now, one of Phoenix’s most prominent drag queens and a former friend of Lake, Rick Stevens, who performs as Barbra Seville, is revealing evidence of Lake’s prior attendance of drag shows, including events Lake had hosted at her home. Lake is denying the allegations and threatening legal action, though this isn’t the first time she has been accused of adopting more extremist views as a way to appeal to the Trump base in her campaign for AZ governor.

Budgetok. Watch our latest TikTok breaking down the possible budget for next year. 


Donate to abortion funds ahead of the Supreme Court’s expected decision on Roe v. Wade.   


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