BLOG / June 5, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Misinformation machine

By TJ Hernandez


Misinformation machine. Don’t miss this piece from Axios, breaking down the uptick in far-right conspiracy theories, how extremist lawmakers in Arizona have helped to bring them to the mainstream, and the impacts. 

Republicans block gun legislation. On Tuesday, Arizona Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have closed the gun show loophole, without giving it a hearing. This legislative session, Democrats have introduced multiple bills intended to reduce gun violence, including a bill that would block domestic violence offenders from buying guns, and a waiting period for gun sales. Republicans blocked all of them, without hearings, despite support from a significant majority of Arizonans. Their thoughts and prayers following recent mass shootings mean nothing without action. 

Cyber Ninjas. The taxpayer costs of the phony “audit” of the 2020 election are reaching almost $5M. The public records fight is still being litigated in court, with the owners of Cyber Ninjas arguing some of the documents are private. The Cyber Ninjas found no instances of alleged fraud, yet extremist Republicans are continuing to push lies about the election. A far-right representative even demanded yet another vote last week to ignore a majority of voters and give AZ’s electoral college votes to Trump – 547 days late.

Capitol Watch is back! Wyatt covers the budget negotiations, what lawmakers should do with the historic $5.3B surplus (hint: fund housing and education!!) and the failure by Republicans in the AZ Senate to expel Wendy Rogers after her horrific comments following the Buffalo shooting.


Celebrate Pride! Get involved with these LGBTQ+ organizations in Arizona!  


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