BLOG / September 27, 2020

Last Week This Morning: No confirmation before inauguration

By Emily Kirkland

No confirmation before inauguration. Amy Coney Barrett is among the most extreme nominees Trump could have chosen. What her confirmation means, and how we fight back. 

Our democracy is on the line. If the results are close on November 3rd, our democracy will be in serious danger. It’s more important than ever to vote Trump out in truly overwhelming numbers – while, at the same time, preparing for sustained, massive, peaceful mobilization after the election if needed.

No justice. Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home. Only one officer was charged, and he wasn’t even charged for her murder. The trooper who killed Dion Johnson likewise got off without charges.

Waiting for unemployment assistance that may never come. Across the country, thousands of people are stuck in an infuriating and exhausting limbo.

Another plot twist in the Census saga. The Census has been extended to October 31 — pending an appeal.Meanwhile, One Arizona calls out local elected officials for asking communities to be counted while failing to meet their needs.

Debate night with LUCHA. Planning to tune into Tuesday night’s presidential debate? Watch alongside LUCHA!  

This is how we change Arizona. This is the amazing work happening across the state to mobilize communities of color and young people before this year’s election.

Fight Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. Tell Senator Sinema and Senate Democrats to use every tool at their disposal to block or slow down the confirmation process. And join us outside Senator McSally’s office on Tuesday morning as we make it clear that voting to confirm Coney Barrett puts McSally on the wrong side of the issues that matter most.

Help defeat Trump and McSally on November 3rd. The most important thing we can do now is push for massive turnout in this year’s election. Sign up now to call and text voters with Mi AZ.

March for Breonna Taylor and Dion Johnson. Join Black Lives Matter Metro Phoenix, Black Phoenix Organizing Collective and other local organizations on Saturday in calling for the end to the racist system that killed Breonna, Dion and so many others. 


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