BLOG / June 12, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Primetime investigation

By TJ Hernandez


Primetime investigation. On Thursday evening, all eyes were on the televised Jan. 6th committee hearings, and a group of veterans urged Arizonansto pay close attention. Here are the key takeaways from the first night of public hearings, as well as important questions that still need answering. 

Environmental Racism in South Phoenix. ​​Our partner organization, Fuerte, just released their new project, “Environmental Racism in South Phoenix Photo Essay”Learn about environmental racism, a term that describes how low-income and BIPOC communities are disproportionately exposed to environmental burdens (factors that compromise healthy lifestyles) and a lack of environmental benefits (factors that promote healthy lifestyles). In the essay, South Phoenix and Fountain Hills are contrasted to reveal how South Phoenix residents are subjected to environmental racism while Fountain Hills residents have the privilege of a healthy environment.

Arizonans protest gun violence. Hundreds of Arizonans came together at the State Capitol on Saturday for a March for Our Lives rally to end gun violence. In recent weeks, there have been multiple mass shootings in Arizona, and though Democrats in the Arizona Legislature have introduced numerous bills to address gun violence, Republicans voted them down without hearings. Additionally, don’t miss this piece on how police shootings should be a critical consideration in addressing America’s horrific gun violence problem.x

Sunday Square Off. Don’t miss this discussion on the Jan. 6th hearing, AZ Senate and Governor primaries, and the Tempe City Council’s decision to increase police funding, despite significant pushbackfrom voters.


DACAversary. Join the Arizona Dream Act Coalition on June 15th at the AZ State Capitol for a day of action to celebrate 10 years of DACA.  


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