BLOG / March 14, 2022

Last Week This Morning: Prop 208 Struck Down

By TJ Hernandez


Prop 208 repealed. On Friday, a Maricopa County Superior Judge struck down Prop 208, which was passed by a majority of Arizona voters in 2020. Prop 208 would have brought over $800 million to K-12 education funding per year by raising taxes on the richest in Arizona. Though Arizona is ranked among the lowest in teacher pay, per-pupil spending, and more, the Arizona GOP is celebrating this shameful ruling as a “win”. Educators and students in Arizona deserve better.

The faces of the Arizona GOP. Rep. Paul Gosar and state Sen. Wendy Rogers have both been making national headlinesas the faces of the Arizona Republican Party as it continues to become more extremist. Over the past several years, the far-right wing of the party has become more mainstream–Gosar and Rogers both spoke at a white-supremacist organized conference, in recent years, while AZ GOP chair Kelli Ward and state Rep. Mark Finchem are leaders of the “Stop the Steal” movement to overturn the 2020 election. They’ve faced little to no repercussions for their actions and incendiary rhetoric. These Republicans and the rest of the party only care about dividing Arizonans so that they can take power and pass egregious legislation rather than fighting for the issues our communities care about. 

At the Capitol. Last week, a slate of horrible bills advanced at the Arizona Legislature. Read up on the latest attacks on voting rightsminimum wagesreproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights.Don’t forget to subscribe to Capitol Watch for updates.  

Parents fight back. Watch some of the powerful testimony given by the parents of Arizona transgender kids as they fight back against the Republican-sponsored bills targeting trans youth that are moving through the legislature.

Dreamer Narrative. Watch Fuerte Arts Movement’s latest production about the dreamer narrative and why the tactic may now need to be challenged in today’s immigrant movement. 

Speak up on voting rights. Our legislature is considering bills that would add unnecessary obstacles to voting and voter registration. Call your legislatorsand ask them to vote NO on HB2241, HB2492, and all attacks on our right to vote. 

No on LGBTQ+ attacks. Republicans in the Arizona Legislature are pushing bills that would ban trans girls from sports, require school officials to out their students, ban transition care for many, and more. Tell your legislator to vote NO.


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