BLOG / October 11, 2021

Last Week This Morning: A maverick — or a narcissist?

By TJ Hernandez


“There’s a difference between being a maverick and being a narcissist.” New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

A total lack of accountability. Senator Sinema has been completely unavailable to her constituents: she hasn’t held a townhall since being elected, her offices are closed, and emails, phone calls and meeting requests go unanswered. She’s blocking hugely popular proposals on topics ranging from healthcare to taxes to immigration, while refusing to answer even basic questions about why. No wonder people are confronting her in public places — and no wonder her approval rating is plummeting

The money was supposed to be used to fight COVID.The Treasury Department has told Governor Ducey that Arizona must pay back millions in COVID funding that Ducey used to reward schools that didn’t implement mask mandates. Ducey is vowing to fight the issue in court if needed.

As nearly free as possible. The Arizona Students Association has launched a ballot initiative to address the skyrocketing cost of college. 

“This is my life and the life of millions on the line.” Karina Ruiz with the Arizona Dream Act Coalition shared her story with Senator Sinema on a plane to DC on Monday and asked the senator whether she supported a path to citizenship. Sinema pretended she wasn’t even there. 

Keep the pressure on. Tell your representatives and Senators Sinema and Kelly to support the full Build Back Better agenda. 


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