BLOG / April 12, 2021

Last Week This Morning: Sinema’s flawed case

By Abigail Jackson

Gun violence epidemic. On Thursday, the Biden Administration unveiled a slate of common sense gun control measures aimed at reducing gun violence. The actions come in the wake of multiple mass shootings across the country. Biden also urged Congress to pass broader gun control legislation, but Republicans in the Senate are likely to filibuster any such policies. Many gun control groups have now joined the fight to eliminate the filibuster.  

Freedom to Organize. The move to unionize an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama failed last week after Amazon engaged in every union-busting tactic in the book to prevent workers from organizing for better working conditions. Many of these tactics would be illegal under the PRO Act, a bill passed in the House that would empower workers to form unions and collectively organize. The PRO Act is unlikely to pass the Senate with the filibuster in place, and Sen. Sinema has yet to support it. 

Ducey loves theater. Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law a bill that will prevent AZ election officials from accepting nonprofit funds to help run elections. Ironically, this bill would prohibit the same outside fundraising that the Republican-run AZ Senate is engaging in to fund their infamous election audit. Ducey also signed a bill that will exempt businesses from following community mask mandates, which won’t take effect for months.

Capitol Watch. We have updates on the GOP’s attacks on reproductive rights at the state legislature and a sneak peek of our upcoming interview with Bruce Franks of Mass Liberation AZ.

For the People. Tell Kyrsten Sinema that supporting a bill isn’t the same thing as passing it–we need to eliminate the filibuster and pass the For the People Act now.


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