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Last Week, This Morning: Stringer doubles down on hate

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Last Week, This Morning!

It’s hard to keep up with all the important happenings in this era of the 24-hour news cycle. That’s why we at ProgressNow Arizona want to make it easy for you to catch up on all the Arizona progressive news you can use. Whether it’s about how the craziness in Washington, DC affects us here in Arizona, what’s happening on the 9th floor Governor’s office, or how progressives are fighting to make Arizona better for all and how you can join in, we want to keep you in the loop.

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Doubling down on hate. More and more people have been calling for David Stringer to resign after yet another round of racist comments. He’s refusing, claiming that what he said is “truthful.”

Justice, finally. The white nationalist who murdered Heather Heyer with his car at a “Unite the Right” rally has been convicted of murder. 

True compassion. A local family opens their home to migrants seeking asylum and refuge.

Walk the walk. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is continuing to make waves and live up to her word to demand justice for working people. Now she’s challenging her fellow Democrats to pay their interns a living wage.

Clean elections:1 Corruption:0. Arizona Advocacy Network wins big in the fight against a law that makes it easier for dark money to thrive. 

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Women who hike. Nature is for everyone, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Listen to this three-part series on women who hike, including what it’s like to hike with a disability.

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It’s time to go. Sign our petition to Speaker Bowers and David Stringer demanding Stringer’s resignation.It delivers the message straight to their inbox.


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