BLOG / September 13, 2020

Last Week This Morning: To see climate change, look out the window

By Emily Kirkland

 This isn’t the new normal. Because it’s going to get worse. Fires across the West and record-breaking heat in Arizona are an absolutely terrifying reminder of what our future currently has in store. Our politics desperately need to catch up.

It’s time to flip AZ. Republicans in the state legislature keep making the news for promoting conspiracy theories and making vile comments. But flipping control of the legislature is within reach

Fill out the Census! Community groups like One Arizona are racing against time to try to get people counted before the September 30 deadline. 

Allister Adel should not be the Maricopa County Attorney. A recording came out this week of her making transphobic remarks at a recent fundraiser. 

Forget the debt. APS customers speak out

 Register people to vote. Volunteer with One Arizona in the final weeks before the October 5 deadline! 

Help flip AZ! Share your storyphonebank, or donate. You’ll even get a set of these neat stickers