BLOG / July 3, 2022

Trump knew

By TJ Hernandez


Trump knew. Of course he did, but new testimony from Tuesday’s January 6th committee public hearings revealed the extent to which Trump knew that the so-called “rally” would turn violent. Trump was told supporters were armed, directed them to the Capitol anyway, and attempted to join them, despite concerns from staffers. Find a full recap here.Additionally, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and AZ Sen. Kelly Townsend have been subpoenaed by the FBI in relation to their investigation into Trump’s campaign to pressure state officials to overturn the 2020 election. 

Sinema on Roe. It’s the same story as always. She says she supports the right to choose and access to healthcare, but yet refuses once again to do anything about the filibuster, which would need to be bypassed in order to codify Roe. Even Pres. Joe Biden is calling for a filibuster carve-out to pass abortion access legislation, but Sinema won’t budge. She’s let Arizonans down yet again, making it clear that her “support” for the right to have an abortion doesn’t extend beyond a weak statement.

Other Supreme Court decisions. Beyond Roe, the Supreme Court has released a number of other decisions this past term. Read more about how they’ve curbed the EPA, allowed the Biden Admin to end Title 42, and more.

Storytelling series. Watch the latest installment in our storytelling series, highlighting those who have played a role in the fight for reproductive rights in Arizona. Last week, we featured Michelle, who shares the importance of sharing abortion stories and fighting stigma.


Fair Elections Ballot Referral. Find a location or an event to sign the petition to put the Arizona Fair Elections Act on the 2022 ballot. The initiative would make the vote-by-mail list permanent again, reduce the influence of money in our elections, and prevent legislation from overriding our election results.