BLOG / February 8, 2022

Last Week This Morning: We can’t go back

By TJ Hernandez


Attacks on reproductive rights. As the Supreme Court weighs the reversal or weakening of Roe v Wade, Republicans at the AZ Legislature are wasting no time attacking reproductive rights in full force. Some of the proposed legislation includes a copycat of Texas’s SB8 and a bill to completely abolish all sex education. A ban on abortion after 15 weeks also advanced out of committee on Thursday. Arizona already has a law on the books that would completely outlaw abortion if Roe is overturned, making the need for federal legislation to protect the right to a safe abortion even more urgent.

Sinema underwater, raking in cash. But not from Arizona Democrats. Sen. Sinema now has a higher approval rating among Republicans than Democrats, following her stubborn defense of the filibuster and refusal to support protecting the right to vote. Meanwhile, Sinema received over $1.6 million in fundraising, which came overwhelmingly from PAC’s and big corporate donors who oppose Biden’s agenda–only about 2% of that haul came from the kinds of small donors who live and vote in Arizona. The day before voting against changing the Senate rule, Sinema reportedly attended a fundraiser with fossil fuel donors where she promised to protect the filibuster. It is more than clear who Sinema works for, and the backlash against her continues to grow, with staffers at consulting firms revolting over their contracts with her.

AOC on Sinema. Check out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s analysis of Sen. Sinema and her allyship to corporate interests rather than Arizonans and democracy.

We can’t go backwards. The LGBTQ+ community, and particularly the trans community are facing attacks by state legislatures across the country. Contact your lawmaker and tell them to vote NO on the slate of anti-LGBTQ+ bills that the AZ GOP has introduced for consideration. 

Democracy Pledge. Our friends at All Voting is Local and Fuerte Arizona just launched their Democracy Pledge. Join us in demanding solutions and leaders that will protect our right to vote.  


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