BLOG / May 6, 2019

Last Week This Morning: Who’s Blocking the Ballot?

By admin

The latest on Arizona progressive news, stay in the loop on local and national updates. Progressives are fighting to make Arizona better for all, learn how you can join!

Block the Ballot. After Democrats won races across the country, Republicans are working to make voting harder in 2020.

Why They’re Scared. A report found that 75% of Arizona Latinos voted Democratic in 2018 and are set to vote in droves next year.

Fighting For Better. This Tucson 13 year old is pushing for schools to include teaching about queer identities in sex ed.

The Fix Is In. Our Co-Director is quoted in this story about how Republicans are working to dismantle citizen ballotinitiatives.

Called Out. Teachers in Northern AZ wrote an open letter calling out their legislators for doing nothing to solve the education crisis. 

Title X Defense. Call your Congressperson and tell them to protect women’s right to affordable birth control and reproductive health care. 

Make A Call. Arizona politicians want to make it impossible for citizens to put an initiative on the ballot. Make a quick call to your State Representative now.

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