BLOG / July 10, 2020

OK, So We Can’t Let Catherine Miranda Win in LD27

By Emily Kirkland

In early July, Progress Arizona commissioned a poll in Legislative District 27, which largely covers South Phoenix. We were focused on the August 4 primary for state representative, in which Catherine Miranda is challenging the two incumbent representatives, Reginald Bolding and Diego Rodriguez.

Where to begin with Catherine Miranda? Despite being a Democrat, she endorsed Republican Doug Ducey for governor in 2014 – a decision that was bad at the time and looks truly catastrophic in retrospect, given Ducey’s extraordinary mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. She also endorsed Republican Michelle Reagan for secretary of state.

In 2012, Miranda’s campaign was accused of forging signatures, including her own, and of other voters she never even met. Miranda refused to testify, invoked the 5th Amendment and got off on a technicality when the Republican Attorney General decided against charges. She has yet to tell the full truth about the forged signatures. 

Miranda has been the beneficiary of dark money spending by groups connected to the Koch brothers and APS. Miranda was an APS ally in the state legislature and supported the Koch brothers-backed Proposition 105, which would have halted the expansion of Phoenix’s light rail. Miranda also received campaign contributions from the payday loan industry, and helped find loopholes in Arizona law that would allow lenders to charge 204% interest on some loans.

Last but certainly not least, Miranda is also strongly anti-choice. She opposes Roe v Wade, voted to defund Planned Parenthood at the state level, and voted to prevent healthcare plans that cover abortion from being sold on the state Obamacare exchange.

And here’s the thing: as of early July, Miranda was winning. LD27 voters will be picking two state representatives in the primary, and in our early July poll, Miranda was in second place, behind Reginald Bolding but ahead of Diego Rodriguez.

There’s a real chance that Arizona Democrats could win back the State House this year. But even if Democrats win control, the margin will be razor thin, and if Catherine Miranda wins, she could well become the deciding vote. That’s…not great.

Tell your friends and family in LD27 to vote against Republican-lite Catherine Miranda for state representative. Share this post. Sign up to send some text messages. Let’s not let Catherine Miranda win this one.


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