BLOG / July 10, 2023

Over-the-counter contraception in Arizona!

By TJ Hernandez


Over-the-counter contraception in Arizona. Under Gov. Katie Hobbs’ latest order, those over the age of 18 in Arizona can now access birth control medications over-the-counter at pharmacies without needing a doctor’s prescription, joining over 20 other states. This is a major step forward for reproductive rights in Arizona, building on an earlier executive order from Hobbs to protect abortion access. A big shoutout to all of theorganizations, advocates, and lawmakers in Arizona who have worked tirelessly to make these wins a reality! 

Vouchers are draining our state. New analysis shows exactly how Arizona’s voucher program is draining the state of hundreds of millions of dollars. While proponents have argued that expanded vouchers would save the state money, evidence shows the program is doing the opposite, costing more per student in most cases. While this is unsurprising to anyone who’s been paying attention, the sad reality is Arizona’s voucher program is working exactly as intended – it’s become a handout for wealthier families who could already afford to send their kids to private schools while bleeding funds from public education. If nothing is done, the program could bankrupt our state as revenues fall. 

The abortion rights battle in Arizona. Don’t miss this piece from the Daily Beast breaking down where we’re at with the fight to protect access to abortion in Arizona. From the proactive steps that AG Mayes and Governor Hobbs are taking to Sinema’s refusal to act, read more here!

#VouchersHurt. While public school teachers often have to buy their own supplies due to lack of funding, parents are using ESA vouchers to purchase basketball hoops, sewing machines, and home improvement projects. These vouchers are hurting our state, draining funds from public schools to support private schools that have the lowest standards in thecountry with no accountability.  

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