PRESS RELEASES / December 12, 2019

Anthony Kern’s Fearmongering Crosses the Line

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jennifer Guzman,

Phoenix – Representative Anthony Kern, infamous for being fired from his police department for lying, made excessive and baseless fearmongering comments on Wednesday about schools and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Rep. Kern has lied to the public by attempting to scare the community by spreading transphobic and homophobic conspiracy theories that not only hold no merit, but are extremely dangerous, ultimately feeding into narratives that promote violence. This is a very calculated distraction by the GOP to attempt to have the public forget that they have failed their constituents by refusing to fund public schools. 

“Rep. Kern has crossed the line. This is an obvious attempt to make the public forget about their failure to fund public schools. It is despicable that a person in public office is attempting to spread anti-LGBTQ+ conspiracy theories to advance a failed political agenda,” said Jenny Guzman, Communications Fellow at Progress Now Arizona. 

Earlier this year, Rep. Anthony Kern voted to grant $385 million in tax cuts instead of funding public schools.


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