PRESS RELEASES / March 2, 2020

With Super Tuesday Looming, 130,000 Arizonans Have Already Voted in the Presidential Primary

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Contact: Emily Kirkland,

As of Friday, nearly 130,000 Arizonans had already cast their ballots in the March 17 Presidential Primary, according to data collected from county recorders and analyzed by Progress Now Arizona. 
With Super Tuesday still to come, the race remains extremely fluid, and the candidates will be in Arizona on March 15 for a presidential debate. But many Arizonans have already voted, including thousands who voted for candidates who have since dropped out.
Emily Kirkland, executive director of Progress Now Arizona, said: “This is one election where it’s fine to leave your ballot on the kitchen table for a couple weeks. Seriously, folks, don’t vote yet – especially if there’s any risk your candidate might drop out!” 
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