BLOG / October 31, 2022

Read Up On Your Voting Rights

By TJ Hernandez


Voter intimidation. Voting rights groups are calling on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate voter intimidation in Arizona. As a result of the conspiracy theories spread by Donald Trump and his fellow election deniers, armed groups have been carrying out vigilante surveillance at election drop boxes, a move that is clearly meant to threaten voters. There have also been concerns about an uptick in violence towards poll workers as a result of MAGA Republicans’ inflammatory rhetoric. It’s crucial that the Justice Department act to maintain the safety of the voting process so that voters can exercise their right to vote without fear of intimidation.

Read up on your voting rights. Be prepared for any issues that could arise for you and your loved ones while voting and save the Election Protection hotline numbers.

Republicans okay with blackface. Of course they are. Last week, photos emerged of Mary Ann Mendoza, a Republican candidate for the Arizona Legislature, dressed up in blackface on multiple occasions. Mendoza has yet to comment or apologize, the GOP has refused to condemn her, and some, like Rep. Debbie Lesko even defended her. This type of racist behavior is not only tolerated by Arizona Republicans, but welcomed. 

So, what’s up with judges on the ballot? Don’t miss this explainer on Arizona’s judicial elections.

Jon Stewart schools Brnovich. Arizona Attorney General Mark Bronvich was interviewed by Jon Stewart on continued lies that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.


Mail back your ballot! Tuesday, November 1st is the last day to mail back your ballot. 

Voter protection hotlines are up! Our partners across the state have teamed up to protect against voter intimidation. Review these resources from our friends over at the Arizona Democracy Resource Center.

Use our 2022 Progressive Voters Guide! The 2022 Progressive Voters Guide was created to help educate voters on how the measures they’ll see on their ballots this year will affect our rights, so they can vote accordingly. Politicians are counting on you to be uninformed so they can overturn laws already passed by the people and attack our freedom to make decisions for ourselves. Make sure to share with friends and family, and on social media!


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