BLOG / April 3, 2023

Sinema Sells Out Our Water Supply

By TJ Hernandez


Relief for displaced residents. Gov. Katie Hobbs signed bipartisan legislation to offer immediate and increased compensation to residents of mobile home parks who are being displaced to make room for student housing. The legislation follows the Phoenix City Council’s devastating failure to take action to prevent the forced evictions of three mobile home parks across from Grand Canyon University, ignoring the many residents who pleaded for the council to find a solution that would help them stay in their homes. Thank you to Gov. Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Legislature for taking action, and shame on Mayor Kate Gallego and the other council members who refused to fight for the residents being displaced.

Sinema sells out our clean water. Sinema joined Republicans in voting to rollback regulations that protect the safety and cleanliness of our water supply, which environmental advocates say will expose 95% of Arizona’s waterways to more pollution. Trump had originally scaled back these regulations during his term, before President Biden reinstated them last year. Sinema loves to position herself as a champion for Arizona’s water future, but in reality, she cares more about shilling for corporate interests than fighting for our right to clean and safe water.

Book bans harm Arizona students. Don’t miss this op-ed from Elijah Watson, Arizona public education advocate, discussing the negative impacts that Republican-backed book bans would have on all Arizona students.

Rep. Laura Terech votes no on anti-trans bill. Republicans in the Arizona Legislature are doing all they can to undemocratically limit opposition to their harmful anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. But that didn’t stop Rep. Laura Terech from giving powerful testimony in explaining her vote against SB1040, the anti-trans bathroom bill.

Back off our benefits. Republican lawmakers are threatening to force a catastrophic economic default unless their extreme demands are met to gut essential programs relied on by millions of Americans. Sign this petition to tell lawmakers to back off the proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!