BLOG / February 13, 2023

Taxpayer-funded discrimination

By TJ Hernandez


Sinema hit with ethics complaint. We joined several Arizona organizations in calling on the Senate Ethics committee to investigate Sinema’s possible misuse of official taxpayer funds. Recent reporting has alleged that she required Senate staff to perform a number of personal tasks unrelated to their official job duties. 

School spending cap lifted. But no thanks to the 21 Republican legislators who voted to withhold already approved funding from Arizona public schools. The spending cap threatened to shut down a number of schools after former Gov. Doug Ducey and extremist Republicans in the legislature refused to come to the table since last summer, holding the funding hostage for their own political gain.

Taxpayer-funded discrimination. Two gay fathers, whose daughter attends a religious private school, were told by the pastor that LGBTQ+ couples are not allowed on campus. The school, Heart Cry Christian Academy in Queen Creek, apparently accepts taxpayer-funded vouchers, highlighting the problems with Ducey’s universal voucher program, which not only defunds public schools, but leads to taxpayer-funded discrimination. Notably, religiously affiliated schools, where non-discrimination laws are exempt, are the top recipients of voucher dollars.  

What do they have to hide? Watch our latest TikTok breaking down recent rules changes passed by Republicans at the state legislature and how they’re designed to keep Arizonans in the dark.

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