BLOG / July 24, 2023

Tom Horne is feeling the heat

By TJ Hernandez


Teacher retention task force. Gov. Hobbs just launched a new task force to address the teacher retention crisis in Arizona. Arizona ranks among the worst states in terms of teacher pay and spending per student. These disparities are a result of anti-public education lawmakers’ refusal to adequately fund Arizona K-12 schools for years. In her announcement, Hobbs argued that the problem in Arizona is not a shortage of educators, but rather that low pay and lack of investment leads teachers to leave careers they love. 

Horne can’t pull funding from dual-language programs. Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes authored a new legal opinion stating that Arizona Superintendent Tom Horne does not have the authority to pull funding from dual-language programs. Horne’s attacks on bilingual education are unacceptable – evidence clearly shows that dual-language programs are beneficial to students and their communities. Shoutout to Stand for Children Arizona for protesting against Horne’s efforts at the Capitol. Arizona students can now continue in their programs as the school year begins. 

Sinema does not work for everyday Arizonans. Recent campaign finance reports show that Sinema is continuing to rake in money from corporate donors as she does their bidding. She received over $100K from the airline industry from April to June while she pushed to reduce pilot training requirements. Sinema also received top-dollar contributions from the corporate finance industry after she pushed to preserve their tax loopholes. Notably, less than $9000 of Sinema’s fundraising came from small-dollar contributions of less than $200.

It’s not about free speech. Last week, State Senator Anthony Kern led a 5-hour long hearing to attack public education and our universities. State Rep. Analise Ortiz breaks down the political theater, how Republicans don’t really care about free speech, and why it was a complete waste of time.

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