BLOG / October 30, 2022

Voters Decide Our Elections

By TJ Hernandez


Count every vote. It will take some time, but for many of the close races, we must trust our established protocols and let the experts do their jobs. In our democracy, voters elect their leaders.  

Prop 209 passed! After receiving a record-breaking number of signatures to get on the ballot, Prop 209, which will protect hard-working individuals and families from predatory debt collection practices, has passed. This is a huge win for Arizonans. Appreciation and congratulations to Healthcare Rising Arizona for their incredible work!

 Youth vote. Young people showed up and came out in record numbers to vote in the 2022 election!

Sign up to ballot cure! The election isn’t over, and some people need to make sure they know how to get their ballots verified if needed!  Relax and enjoy your Sunday.