BLOG / August 10, 2021

Wait, What’s a BIF?

By Emily Kirkland

The Senate just passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill (also known as the BIF), with spending on roads, bridges, rail, water and electricity transmission. Next up: voting to authorize the reconciliation bill, which includes universal pre-K, clean energy, the child tax credit, vision and hearing coverage in Medicare, citizenship for DACA recipients and essential workers, and more, paid for by taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

The reconciliation bill is a hugely popular, common-sense approach to tackling some of the biggest challenges we face as a country, and many representatives in the House have vowed not to move forward on the infrastructure bill until the Senate passes the reconciliation bill. The full AZ delegation should join them.

By itself, the bipartisan infrastructure bill does not meet the scale of the challenges we face as a nation. But if passed alongside the reconciliation package, it’s a different story. If passed together, the two bills together would be a tremendous step forward in creating the change that American families want and need.