BLOG / March 23, 2022

We’re Looking for Our Next Executive Director!

By Emily Kirkland

Progress Arizona and our affiliated C3 and PAC have officially launched a leadership search for our next Executive Director! Help us find the right person by sharing this announcement with anyone you think might be a good fit. 

Over the last five years, we have grown from a small organization still in its start-up phase to a vibrant comms and digital hub with a staff of six that plays a key role in the Arizona progressive movement. 

As we look ahead to the coming years, we know we are facing critical fights around democracy, reproductive rights, public education, and more, not to mention a series of high-stakes elections in 2022 and 2024.  We are in a strong position to meet the moment, and we are looking for a collaborative, grounded, and effective leader to guide us through this next chapter. 

We are open to many possibilities in thinking about our next Executive Director. It could be someone who has excelled in a senior communications or digital role, who has managed staff and major programs successfully and is ready to take the next step in leading an organization.  

Alternatively, it could be someone who has served as an executive director, deputy director, campaign manager, or similar, with a record of success as an organizational leader and some background and expertise in communications and digital, and who is ready for a permanent, long-term role. 

No matter what, we need someone who is a skilled communications and digital strategist. We need someone compassionate, collaborative, and team-minded who is able to build strong relationships with partners and support a talented staff team. And we need someone committed to progressive values who is able to make decisions in a grounded, strategic way with an eye to long-term victories and movement-building. 

The full job description is below.

If you are interested in discussing the position or have questions, please reach out to Emily Kirkland,

Alternatively, if you are ready to apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to The application process will include interviews and a skills test and will be rolling. 

Executive Director Responsibilities 

Strategy, vision and leadership:

  • Set the long-term strategy for the organizations with an eye to the ever-shifting Arizona political landscape and in close collaboration with staff, the board and partners 
  • Build lasting, mutually supportive relationships with partners, including grassroots community organizations, labor unions, and advocacy groups
  • Keep the organizations on track day-to-day, ensuring that we are taking on projects that advance our long-term strategy and that are in accordance with our values

Fundraising and operations: 

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with institutional funders and individuals
  • Build on the organization’s existing strong financial position and funder relationships to raise the budget for the C3, C4 and PAC each year 
  • Work with our operations consultant and legal counsel to ensure smooth functioning of all three entities (C3, C4 and federal PAC) and compliance with all relevant laws 

Staff management: 

  • Ensure an organizational culture that is supportive, effective and team-oriented 
  • Build on your own communications and digital expertise to provide feedback, help staff improve their communications and digital work over time and develop new ideas and tactics
  • Directly manage 2-3 staff members (out of a team of five), including the Deputy Director 

What We’re Looking For

Skilled digital or communications strategist with a track record of success in creating and executing communications or digital campaigns:

  • Knows how to set goals, measure progress, and analyze results  
  • Familiar with a variety of digital and communications tactics 

A leader who is ready to take on a position guiding organizations of our scope and scale: 

  • 3+ years experience managing staff, and a track record of being an effective, team-oriented, supportive manager
  • 2+ years experience working with coalitions, and a track record of success in bringing together coalition partners to set strategies and achieve shared goals
  • Familiar with the process of fundraising from institutional donors and/or major individual donors. Significant experience in this area is a plus but not strictly necessary.
  • Some experience with compliance and operations (managing budgets and financial transactions, campaign finance reporting, legal filings, etc) and an understanding of the legal and compliance landscape for C3s, C4s and federal PACs
  • Confident communicator who is able to serve as the organizational spokesperson with press, funders and other stakeholders
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a language commonly spoken in Arizona other than English is a plus but not required 

Someone who has the personal qualities necessary to succeed in this role: 

  • Flexible, able to learn quickly, open to asking questions and excited to tackle new things 
  • Someone who leads in a very collaborative and team-oriented way
  • Highly organized and able to manage the operational challenges of a multi-entity organization (C3, C4 and a PAC)
  • Committed to advancing progressive values 
  • Deeply committed to advancing social justice and racial equity – aware of how racism, sexism, and other forms of bias and prejudice can show up in our movements, committed to holding others and yourself accountable and interested in constant learning, growth and self-reflection.
  • Excited to take on a long-term leadership role in a critical swing state

Note that the Executive Director will need to be based somewhere in Arizona by the end of July. Our offices are currently in Phoenix, and we have a hybrid remote schedule. At various points in the past we have had staff working remotely from other parts of the state.

Salary and Benefits 

Competitive salary based on skills and experience with a minimum of $85,000.

Health insurance, paid vacation, sick and personal time, 401(k) match, Wi-Fi and cell phone reimbursement, relocation allowance of $1500.

Application Process

If you are interested in discussing the position or have questions, please reach out to Emily Kirkland, All inquiries will be kept confidential. 

Alternatively, if you are ready to apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to The application process will include interviews and a skills test and will be rolling. 


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